Staff and Leadership

The members of the Synagogue of the Hills Board of Directors play a vital role in guiding the present and future existence of the Jewish community in the Black Hills. The following Board Governance statement is read at the beginning of each board meeting. It serves as an important framework for board members to follow.

Board Governance Statement

(Ken Friednash 10/02/00)
The diversity of our Members’ traditions and backgrounds is the greatest asset of the Synagogue of the Hills. Inclusion of all Jews in our growing Community in our activities affords us with our greatest opportunity to excel as an organization. We will meet our Community’s needs if we, as a Board, collectively and individually conduct ourselves in a manner which: (1) acts to address the needs of our Community before our own positions; (2) recognizes that change is inevitable for the continued survival of our Con­gregation and our religion; (3) treats each other with the utmost respect and values each Board/Synagogue Member’s contributions; and (4) recog­nizes the need for “One Voice” of the Board through the Board’s decision-making process.


Board of Directors 

President – David Johnston

Vice President – Steve Benn

Secretary – Gregg Peterman

Treasurer – Stanford Adelstein

At-Large –  Michele Beard

At-Large –  Dan Rosenfield

Student Rabbi

Tzvia Rubens

Professional Staff

Leonard Running (email: